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In compiling this Policy Document, a "risk assessment" has been completed, in order that potential hazards and risks to employees and all users of the premises might first be identified. Basic guidelines covering methods of conduct and courses of action etc have thereby been developed, and are enumerated below.

The inherent requirement is that all concerned (employees, trustees, users) should be aware of their legal and moral obligations in relation to the need to follow good practice in all aspects of Health & Safety at Work, and that they should be aware of their responsibilities under the appropriate Health & Safety legislation. Simply put, this requires that everyone adopts and practices a common-sense and responsible attitude towards Health & Safety. Particular attention should be given to the following:

1. Risk of electric shock from portable electrical equipment and/or damaged or dangerously exposed parts of the general electrical installation.

2. Risk of electric shock caused by operation of the main electrical switchgear.

3. Risk of slipping on polished and/or wet floor surfaces.

4. Risk of accident when using ladders, step ladders inside and outside the building.

5. Risk of injury through incorrectly lifting/moving heavy or bulky items, eg stacked tables, chairs etc.

6. Inadequate use of artificial lighting, eg in areas of insufficient natural lighting.

7. Inappropriate or over-occupancy of individual parts of the complex.

8. Risks to any person while in sole occupancy of the building.

9. Risks involved in the handling, storage and usage of cleaning or similar materials which may be toxic or generally dangerous.

Adoption of the following practices will minimise both these and any other potential risks.

_ DO NOT operate or touch any electrical equipment where there are signs of damage, exposure of components or water penetration etc.

_ DO NOT work on steps or ladders until same are properly secured, and another person is present.

_ DO NOT leave portable electrical or gas appliances operating while unattended.

_ DO NOT obstruct fire exits at any time.

_ DO NOT allow unaccompanied children on the stage area.

_ DO NOT allow children in the kitchen area at any time.

_ DO NOT allow animals in the kitchen.

_ DO NOT leave doors unsecured.

_ DO NOT enter or occupy the building alone (sole occupancy) without first ensuring that a responsible person is aware of your intention, and is briefed to act when necessary.

_ DO report any evidence of damage, potential damage or misuse of the building structure and/or contents and facilities, to the Booking Agent.

_ DO wear suitable protective clothing when handling/using cleaning or other similar (toxic) materials.

_ DO report any items used or missing from the First Aid box situated in the kitchen.

_ DO report any and every accident (whether or not resulting in injury to person or damage to property) to the Booking Agent, and ensure that all relevant details are recorded in the Accident Book kept by the First Aid box. [NB Legislation requires also that proper accident report forms are completed and submitted for each and every incident].

_ DO submit any relevant comments to the Booking Agent on 07763 134769 (email: and/or any member of the Management Committee


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