Sonning Common Village Hall 



It is the responsibility of THE HIRER to ensure that their helpers are aware of the following:

1. In the event of a fire, THE HIRER in charge of the Hall will instruct all persons to leave the building, using the nearest available exits.

2. CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE. The nearest telephone is OUTSIDE ONE STOP (to the RIGHT of the hall as you leave the main entrance). DIAL 999 and give this address: THE VILLAGE HALL, WOOD LANE, SONNING COMMON. RG4 9SL

3. Attendants should ensure that, once the hall has been evacuated, members of the public do not re-enter the building to collect personal belongings etc.

4. On the arrival of the Fire Brigade, THE HIRER should report to the Officer in Charge that all persons are safe, or should inform him/her of their last known position.

5. Attendants should only attempt to extinguish the outbreak using the fire appliances provided if is considered safe to do so.

6. The positions of the fire extinguishers are on each side wall in the Hall by each fire door as well as one in the kitchen and one by the front door. There is also a fire blanket in the kitchen.

7. Attention should be drawn to the instructions for use of the extinguishers printed on each appliance.

8. Attention should be drawn to the position of the two fire exits (on either side of the Hall). In an emergency wheelchair users should use ramped exit by disabled toilet (opposite exit has step).

9. No table or other obstruction is to be placed across the fire exits.

10. On no account must anything be left in the lobbies between the fire exits from the hall and the fire doors to the outside of the Hall. These lobbies must be kept completely clear.

11. Note that the place to meet in case of evacuation of the Hall is the area in front of the One Stop shop. This is to enable the HIRER to check that all their helpers are present.

12. The HIRER must ensure that the FIRE EXIT signs are switched on at the start of each booking and switched off before leaving the Hall. The switches are marked and located near to each sign.


13. The HIRER must report the incident to the Booking Agent on 07763 134769/and or any member of the Management Committee.

September 2013

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